Why does IT (Information Technology) have a bad rep?

Why does IT (Information Technology) have a bad rep?

In today’s era, IT or Information Technology is offering jobs to almost every unemployed person. Whether they be from the technical domain or non-technical domain each one is working under same head. Over the decades, IT has gained a bad reputation because either of its work culture or because of the way employees are being treated by the company.

Below are some of the major reasons listed which will tell you in brief why IT has a bad reputation.

Work ethics in IT

Previously work ethics or work culture in the IT industry used to be so good that almost all individuals who have a degree in IT wanted to start their career from IT companies. But the scenario is not same now, companies hire anyone with no proper knowledge of technology which ruins the environment of work.

Improper hiring of employees

The IT companies have become so selfish these days that they hire anyone without knowing the knowledge their hired employees have, because of which newly hired employees aren’t able to deliver what they are expected to deliver causing the loss to themselves and the company.

No job security

One of the major problems of every IT company. If you join an IT company be ready to face any unavoidable circumstances. You are not sure when you will be fired off the job and lose the job completely. If the company is facing major loss, they overcome it by reducing the number of employees which leads to firing the employees.

Information technology is now more of customer service than product service. Around 10 people only 2 people like to work for customer service irrespective of their domain, butthe action of IT companies putting every individual in customer service is ruining their career.