What are the benefits of the seed box?

What are the benefits of the seed box?

The seed box is a high bandwidth remote server which can be used by the people to download and upload the digital files on the peer to peer network.  In simple language it is the platform on which you can upload your important video and audio files in order to secure them.  It is a very secure server which is very high bandwidth.  Compared to the other things this server is very fast and you can download the videos and upload them very quickly. The speed of the seed box can range from hundred megabytes per second to 20 gigabytes per second Depends on the remote server you have acquired.

Very secure server

If you are willing to get the remote server for yourself which is called seed box then you should know that it is going to be very secure for your files. The good thing in this regard is that the security of the seedbox has been in the hands of the administration.  The administration is focusing very much on the security and only the person who has the access of the seed box will be able to see the uploaded files. But still if you want the advanced security then you can also get the virtual private network and then use the seed box so your IP address will be hidden.  But in reality is the seed box in itself is very secure and nobody will be able to access or find your IP address on the internet.  Because the IP address on the Internet will only be shown of the seed box not of the computer you are using.

Live streaming of the files

The good thing about the seed box is that after the file is uploaded on the seed box you can live stream from the seed box.  You don’t need to download the file and then see in your computer but in fact you can see the files directly from the seed box like you are playing the CD. This can allow you to have the flexibility of downloading and uploading the files and at the same time viewing them. Your home internet will not be touched.

One of the major benefits of the seed box is that when you are going to download the file from the torrent website then you don’t need to use your internet for that.  You can add the magnet link of the torrent to your seed box and the seed box server will be able to download the file in the seed box and then you can view them from there.