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To register for any of the workshops below, click here to fill out our workshop registration form!

The Future of Freestyle | Oct. 17-19

We are excited to announce Judy Gamet will be coming to Superior Dog Training, Inc in Cary, NC to do 3 workshops as well as a few private lessons. See below for specific workshop options!

Judy comes to us from CA with a BS in dance education.  Owning Rottweilers, she decided to also delve into dog obedience and various dog sports!  After a tragic auto accident, Bella came into her life and the rehabilitation of both Judy and Bella began, thus was born Dogs can dance.

For more on her incredible journey see her website at!

Introduction to Canine Freestyle | Oct 18th 10am-1pm

Click here to Register then click here to pay now — This workshop teaches you basic content and vocabulary for Canine Freestyle.  Much like learning the signs in rally obedience or the apparatus in agility, you need to understand the content of the sport and develop your handling skills in order to become proficient.

This workshop takes you through a warm up routine, stretches, three progressively harder freestyle routines, and a cool down massage, all set to music! Perfect for beginning handlers as well as experienced handlers.

Cost $65 working spot (limit 10) | Audit $40

The Next Step – Creating Your Routine | Oct 18th 2pm – 5pm

Click here to Register then click here to pay now — This is a workshop for experienced canine freestyle handlers or those who have completed the Introduction to Canine Freestyle.  This workshop teaches you concepts of selecting music for your dog, how to handle your dog to show them to their best advantage, and how to create movement phrases with music.

This workshop takes a deeper look into the competitive sport of canine freestyle.
Cost $65 working spot (limit 10) |  Audit $40

Creating Axial and Ring Filling Movement Phrases | Oct 19th 10 am – 1pm

Click here to Register then click here to pay now — Learn how to contrast axial vs locomotor movement phrases to create a fresh, colorful routine. Perfect for handlers with some freestyle experience through competition handlers.
Cost $65 working spot (limit 10) | Audit $40  

30-minute Private Coaching Sessions with Judy Gamet

Click here to Register then click here to pay now — Available by appointment only. Contact Suzanne ( to schedule.
Limit 5 handlers.  $40 per ½ hour

Self-Grooming Seminar (coming soon!) 

Come learn the skills you need to keep your dog looking great! We’ll have a professional groomer share what you need to know about key skills like ear cleaning and nail trimming. We’ll have spots both with dogs and audit-only for this event.