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Puppy 101 Classes

Puppy PlayGot a new puppy? Congratulations!

Need some help figuring out what to do next? You’re in the right place.

Puppies 8 weeks to 5 months and their people can join our puppy classes for lessons in socialization, responsiveness, and problem solving. Off-leash play beforehand during our FREE puppy parties is supervised by experienced trainers allows puppies to safely learn appropriate dog-dog interaction skills and allows you to learn what’s okay and what’s not when your pup is romping with a friend.

We focus on getting it right from the start—we’ll cover crate training, housebreaking, mouthing and nipping, and jumping up, as well as how to prevent future problems like aggression. There’s no such thing as starting too early with a puppy, so you start as soon as your pup is ready!

Our Puppy 101 class will teach you all the skills your new dog needs to test for the AKC’s Star Puppy certification and our pricing includes the test (additional cost to AKC when you send in the paperwork for a certificate and medal).

Like all classes at Superior, Puppy 101 is a modular class.  If you’re not familiar with that concept, check it out here.

Prerequisite: Puppies must have received two rounds of vaccinations prior to their first class.

Class Cost: $125, 6 weeks

Check out our class schedule or click here to register!

Puppy Modules:


Pups learn how to interact appropriately with people and we discuss common issues like mouthing, bitting, and nipping.

Skills:  Collar Touch, Attention, Targeting, Recall
Puppy Stuff:  Mouthing/Chewing, Enthusiasm
Socialization:  People


We expose puppies to a variety of new surfaces and obstacles that they can explore; we’ll also discuss common issues around housebreaking and crate training.

Skills:  Sit, Attention, Recall
Puppy Stuff:  Housebreaking, Crate Training, Reading Puppy Body Language
Socialization: Odd Surfaces

Strange Objects

We expose puppies to a variety of odd objects to avoid fear-based reactions later in life. We’ll talk about teaching your dog to have an “off” switch.

Skills:  Touch, Leash Walking, Take it/Leave it, Attention, Recall
Puppy Stuff:  Leash Greetings (people & dogs), Teaching an “Off” Switch
Socialization:  Strange Objects, Dogs

Noises & Sounds

We’ll test your puppy’s reaction to new, weird noises and discuss how you can use mealtime as a tool in creating a well-behaved dog.

Skills: Down, Stay, Wait, Attention (with play),
Puppy Stuff: Work to Eat, Toys, Mental Stimulation
Socialization:  Noises

Living Together

We’ll teach skills that are essential to happily living with your dog as they grow up, including what to do during quiet time and how to handle common household objects, like the vacuum.

Skills: Place (Go Lay Down), Leave It, Wait, Sit
Puppy Stuff: Traveling Together, Whose Toys Are Whose, Counter Surfing
Socialization:  Household Objects

 The Big Outdoors

If the weather is good, we’ll take a field trip to the grassy area near the training center (we’ll walk there during class) and expose our puppies to training outdoors and talk about the difficulties that come with training in a new place.

Skills: Leash Walking, Sit, Look, Down, Stay, Leave It
Puppy Stuff: Excitement Outside, Dog Greetings, Digging, Potty Spot, Dog Greetings
Socialization: Dogs