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Life Skills Dog Training Classes

Our life skills dog training is designed to teach you and your pooch fun foundation skills to help you happily and confidently navigate the real world together.  In addition to teaching you skills, we’ll also focus on establishing a relationship between you and your dog that is based on clear communication and benevolent leadership, which helps both you and your dog stay successful even when class is over!  We’ll also address common problem behaviors or areas of interest like jumping up or canine body language.

Skills include:  Sit, Down, Stay, Coming when called, Attention, Leave it, Loose Leash Walking, Target, Polite Greeting, Wait and Place/Settle.

Life Skills is a modular dog training program.  If you’re not familiar with that concept, click here to check it out!

We offer Life Skills I and Life Skills II based on your dog’s current skill level; the classes are taught in a class with dogs at both levels and the instructor adapts the individual lessons appropriately for your dog’s current level of learning.

Life Skills Dog Training Modules:

Living Together

This will teach your dog in home appropriate behavior. Such as how to handle door greetings (sit or place), what to do when company is over, where should your dog be when you are eating, door dashing, common noises (vacuum, doorbell, etc…), what to do with your dog when they charge the window barking at the squirrels, feeding time (sit/stay), asking permission.

Out to lunch

Covers behaviors when you are out and about, how to greet a person, how to talk to people about your dog, when to let people pet your dog, public manners, if out at a restaurant or café with outdoor seating what should your dog do (down/stay, look at you for permission to say hello, no barking at other dogs etc…) Balloons/signs flapping(socialization experience), outside noises (look at you or investigate), wheel chairs, and much more.

Movie Night

Appropriate behavior for quiet times. These would be times when the kids are doing homework, you want to read a book, watch TV, or enjoy movie night with friends. We all want our dogs to be able to participate in these family times, but what do dogs need to do to be good at quiet time? We talk about exercise, mental and physical, puzzle games and how to help your dog with them. Check in times and leave it so they don’t steal the snacks. They will even learn a trick or 2 to entertain your friends.

Walk in the Park

Greeting other dogs, walking past distractions, and greeting people. What to do when you encounter bikes, skate boards, Pogo sticks kids playing, dogs fetching etc… They will learn and practice such behaviors and look, walk nice on leash (no pulling). You will learn what motivates your dog to pay attention to you.

Game Time

You will learn fun games to play with your dog to reinforce training. Hide and seek (come command), red light green light (quick sits, stands and downs, sequences of commands, fetch, agility with obedience, impulse control, on/off switch. You will learn what to do when your dog becomes over stimulated and much more!!

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

We will take you through the steps of the Canine Good Citizen test. This will not only prepare you for the test, but also teach and reinforce basic commands. Click here for more information on the test.

Prerequisite:  Participation in Superior’s Online Orientation class, please e-mail Suzie at to schedule.

Membership Cost: $125 for 6 weeks (save 10% by signing up for both Life Skills I & II at the same time!)

Check out our class schedule or click here to register!