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NEW Dog Training Program: Life Skills I & Life Skills II

well behaved black lab puppy
We are happy to announce our Manners program has been updated to include more real life situations. Our new program is called “Life Skills Dog Training.” It has two parts—Life Skills I & Life Skills II—each of which is 6 weeks long. The cost for each 6-week session is $125.

These classes will cover all the basic commands including sit, down, stay, wait, come, walking on leash, look, touch, and place. Life Skills I will begin to teach your dog these commands; Life Skills II will build on that foundation and teach those same skills at a more advanced level. Both courses are designed to teach your dog the skills necessary to be a polite member of the community in a more realistic, life-like way.

All the classes are held inside and situations are simulated. The new program will still run on our modular system (for more on that, click here) and will focus on teaching skills in a way that is more applicable to your everyday life.

Life Skills Dog Training Modules are:

Living Together

With this module we will help your dog learn in-home appropriate behavior.

Skills will include how to handle door greetings (sitting nearby or going to their bed while you answer the door),  what to do when company is over, where should your dog be when you are eating, door dashing, common noises (vacuum, doorbell, etc…), what to do with your dog when then charge the window barking at the squirrels, feeding time (sit/stay), and asking permission before accessing other resources (like the furniture).

Out to lunch

Want to take your dog along when you go to eat an at outdoor restaurant or about town with you?

This module covers behaviors for when the two of you are out and about. We’ll talk about (and teach) how to greet a person,  how YOU can talk to people about your dog, when to let people pet your dog, and general public manners. Your dog will learn what to do if you’re out at a restaurant or café with outdoor seating (down/stay, look at you for permission to say hello, no barking at other dogs etc…), how to handle “weird things” like balloons or signs/flags flapping in the breeze, “weird noises” associated with outside, wheel chairs, and much more.

 Movie Night

Sometimes we just need our dogs to chill out—this module is all about teaching them appropriate behavior for quiet times. These would be times when the kids are doing homework, when you want to read a book, watch TV or just enjoy movie night with friends.

We all want our dogs to be able to participate in these family times, but all too often we sit down and our dogs think that means it’s time for us to focus on them. So we’ll teach them what to do to be good during quiet time. We’ll talk about exercise, mental and physical, including puzzle games and how to help your dog with them.  We’ll also teach check in times and leave it, so they don’t steal the snacks.  They will even learn a trick or 2 to entertain your friends.

Walk in the Park

The park presents all manners of distraction for your dog—other dogs, new people, fun smells and more. So in this module we’ll simulate some of those situations so that you can train through them.

We’ll discuss greeting other dogs, walking past distractions, and meeting new people. We’ll also discuss what to do when you encounter bikes, skate boards, Pogo sticks, kids playing, dogs fetching etc… Your dog will learn and practice such behaviors as look and walking nicely on leash (no pulling).  You will learn what motivates your dog to pay attention to you.

Game Time

Training is meant to be fun!! So in this module that’s our focus—you will learn fun games to play with your dog to reinforce training.

Some of the games we play will include hide and seek (training a come command), red light green light (to teach quick sits, stands and downs), sequences of commands, fetch, agility with obedience, and the on/off switch game. Your dog will learn impulse control and you will learn what to do when your dog becomes over stimulated and much more!!

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

We will take you through the steps of the Canine Good citizen Test. This will not only prepare you for the test, but also teach and reinforce basic commands. This program is run by the American Kennel Club (AKC); for more information, click here to visit their website. We offer the CGC test the final Thursday of each month (if you don’t feel quite ready, you can also opt to take our Canine Good Citizen Class, where we’ll work just on the skills you need for the test).

Interested in signing up for our NEW and IMPROVED training program? Click here to register for Life Skills today!