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Treibball Success: NC Hosts First Advanced Treibball Runs Nationwide

Nico works to bring in treibballs at competition in NC

Dogs and handlers from across the state came together at Teamworks Dog Training in Youngsville, NC late last month for the second sanctioned American Treibball Competition held in North Carolina.

Held September 20th and 21st, this was the 2nd competition held in the state this year and the first competition nationwide to host dogs competing for their advanced title. I’m pretty sure I speak for everyone who attended when I say the weekend was a blast.

Judges included our own Suzanne Kalafian, Debbie Hanley, and Bobby Chastain, as well as Karen Mielke from Dog Logic Training in Statesville, NC. A big thank you to both the judges and to all the volunteers who helped out!

Superior Dog Training had a strong team presence—and a number of Superior dogs brought home new titles and ribbons! The next competition is already in the works, with plans to hold it at Dog Logic in Statesville in January, 2014. We’ll share specific dates as soon as they’re available.

Upcoming Treibball Demos

In the meantime, Superior Dog Training will be participating in several Treibball demos, if you’d like to come out to see how it’s done or even just to support the team.

We’ll be appearing at the 2013 Rural Hill Sheepdog Trials and Dog Festival, held November 9-10 in Huntersville, NC. We will also be doing a demo a bit closer to home at Santa Paws in Durham on Friday, December 13th at the Durham Armory.

A Big Congratulations…

to all our teams who competed in September, including:

Debbie and  Bleu, who earned an Intermediate title and 1 leg toward an Advanced title (one of the 1st advanced runs in the country!)

Bobby, who competed with Sal, Sonny, Rocco and Stryker. Sal earned his Beginner B title, Sonny came and had fun, Rocco, earned his Beginner B title and Stryker earned his Beginner A title in Honors!

Suzie and  Spike, who earned both their Beginner A and B titles.

Melissa and Riley—we earned our Beginner A title.

Anne and Nico, who earned their Beginner A title.

Kathleen, who competed with Angus and Sydney. Angus earned his Beginner A title and Sydney came and had fun.

Joy and Cloudy, who earned their Beginner B title and 1 leg toward their Intermediate title.

Ditto and Sky, who earned 1 leg toward their beginner A title in Honors.

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