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First Ever Treibball “Excellent Title” Awarded in Statesville, NC

Spike and Suzie Kalafian earned their Beginner A & B titles.

Spike & Suzie Kalafian earned Beginner A & B titles.

The cold weather here in North Carolina wasn’t enough to keep dogs and handlers from turning out this past weekend at the American Treibball Association Sanctioned competition hosted by DogLogic. The event was held at DogLogic’s facility in Statesville, North Carolina.

Dog and handler teams competed (and earned) beginner A, beginner B, Intermediate and Excellent titles over the 2-day event. Superior Dog Training was well represented at all levels, with the following teams competing:

  • Debbie Benitez Hanley & Bleu Moon
  • Joy Gochman & Cloud
  • Anne Sprague & Nico
  • Melissa Breau & Riley
  • Bobby Chaistain with Rocco & Sal
  • Suzie Kalafian & Spike
  • Kathleen Kiernan & Angus
  • Roger Austin & Charlie

Video Coverage: Check Out the Action!

We managed to capture a few of the runs from this weekend on video and we’ve compiled them into the following highlights reel for those of you who couldn’t come out.

First Ever American Treibball Association “Excellent Title” Awarded

Our very own Debbie Benitez Hanley and her dog Bleu Moon competed for—and earned—their excellent title this past weekend. Debbie and Bleu are the first dog and handler team in the United States to achieve this level in competition.

As dogs and handlers advance through the levels of treibball they must demonstrate additional skills under increased difficulty.

While Beginners A and B are only required to earn 2 qualifying “legs” or “runs,” the number of qualifying legs increases as you advance through the sport. To achieve an excellent title Debbie and Bleu had to have earned their 4 beginner, 3 intermediate and 4 qualifying excellent legs.

During each excellent level run, Debbie had to send Bleu to a ball determined by the judge and then herd the ball into the goal while navigating around a variety of obstacles. (For a full list of rules, please see the Amercian Treibball Association website. For an explanation of the basics, check out our post, “What is Treibball?“)

This requires great communication between the dog and handler, a strong understanding of the commands used, working reliably at a distance and both drive and determination on the part of the dog.

Debbie and Bleu demonstrated all this and more during the competition this weekend, and we want to offer up a BIG Congratulations to Debbie & Bleu!! 

Interested in Learning More About Treibball?

Superior Dog Training offers Treibball classes for dogs at all levels, from beginner to advanced.

We also have a Treibball Intermediate Workshop coming up in just a few weeks and would love to see some of our dog & handler teams participate and learn the skills they need to advance in the sport!

Treibball Intermediate workshop: Feb 7, 2014  6-9pm
This workshop will move you from the foundations skills into the game itself,  learning how to use the foundation skills to play the game of Treibball.

Workshop Pricing:
$60/working spot for 1 workshop or $100/working spot for both workshops
$40/Audit spot for 1 workshop  or  $70/Audit spot for both Workshops

Space is limited to 8 working and 8 Audit spots.

To register: email Suzanne at

We invite you to join us in congratulating Debbie, Bleu & all of our other competitors in the comments below! 

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  1. SaraJanuary 31, 2014 at 12:05 am #

    Very interesting. I’ll go with my puppy on these courses!