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How to Find Time to Train Your Dog Everyday

One of my students mentioned in class that they knew the reason their puppy wasn’t learning things as quickly as he could was because they needed to be better about carving out time to train each day.

My response may surprise you.

“But I don’t have TIME to train…”

Many people believe that training a dog requires a big time investment, but training a dog to be a good family member and to understand basic manners doesn’t have to involve a long commitment in terms of time.

In fact, the results are often much better if, instead of training twice a day for 15 minutes each time, dog owners work small training opportunities into their every day routines.

For example: You want your dog to learn to hang out and relax during TV time at night. The best time to train? Work on his “place” command during the commercials—just turn down the sound!

Want a few other ideas for finding time to train during your day? Check out the list below.

NEW Dog Training Program: Life Skills I & Life Skills II

We are happy to announce our Manners program has been updated to include more real life situations. Our new program is called “Life Skills Dog Training.” It has two parts—Life Skills I & Life Skills II—each of which is 6 weeks long. The cost for each 6-week session is $125.

These classes will cover all the basic commands including sit, down, stay, wait, come, walking on leash, look, touch, and place. Life Skills I will begin to teach your dog these commands; Life Skills II will build on that foundation and teach those same skills at a more advanced level. Both courses are designed to teach your dog the skills necessary to be a polite member of the community in a more realistic, life-like way.
Want to learn more?

How to Shape Behaviors in Your Dog

What does it mean to “Shape behaviors?”

Shaping behavior is a training method, using a series of steps — without force — to teach our dog a new behavior. This method is used to train animals of many species, including animals where it’s impossible to physically MAKE them do a behavior.

It is used to teach a penguin to jump through a hoop, a sea lion to smile, and to teach an octopus to squirt a water fountain into the air.

It can be used to teach your dog all kinds of fun tricks! Want to learn how?

How To Stop Your Puppy from Biting

One of the most common questions that we get asked in our puppy classes is about biting. Puppies explore the world with their mouths and their instincts often tell them that learning how to “hunt” and play involves using their teeth.

However, trying to figure out how to stop your puppy from biting can be truly frustrating. After all, our first instinct when those sharp little teeth make contact with our skin is often to jerk away, which can look a bit like a game of tag from your puppy’s point of view.

So what can you do instead?

The 3 Ds of Dog Training

There are two phrases dog trainers hear all the time. First, “My dog does it so well at home; I don’t know why he won’t do it now.”  Second, “He does so well here; I don’t understand why he won’t do it at home or when we’re out.”  These two phrases may seem like they’re […]