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Want to Learn Canine Freestyle? Workshop Scheduled for October

Have you ever seen a youtube video of dogs dancing with their people to music and thought, “I wish I could do that?”

What you saw was probably Canine Freestyle.

What is canine freestyle?

Canine freestyle is a choreographed performance set to music that demonstrates the training and relationship between a dog and its handler.

An Example of Canine Freestyle:

Canine freestyle requires both dog and handler to move gracefully to the beat of the music, performing intricate movements with precision and artistry. The handle cues the dog with a combination of verbal commands and body language.

Upcoming Canine Freestyle Workshops!

If you’ve ever thought about giving canine freestyle a try, this fall is the perfect time. Superior Dog Training is excited to announce that Judy Gamet of Dogs Can Dance will be returning to North Carolina and hosting a service of workshops!

We’ll have both working spots ($65) and audit-only spots ($40) available.

She’ll be teaching 3 workshops over 2 days — Introduction to Canine Freestyle, The Next Step: Creating Your Routine, and Creating Axial and Ring Filling Movement Phrases. She’ll also be available for a limited number of private lessons.

When: Oct. 17-19, 2014

Where: Superior Dog Training - 110-E woodwinds Industrial Ct., Cary, NC 27511

Want more information? Check out our workshop page for details on each specific class or email Suzie at

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    Want to Learn Canine Freestyle? Workshop Scheduled for October - Superior Dog Training