New Classes & Workshops at Superior Dog Training!

Lizzie gives a head tiltWe’ve been busy here at Superior Dog Training and wanted to let you know how you could take advantage of a TON of new classes, workshops, and events that Superior Dog Training is now offering and will be offering in the near future.

Whether you’re interested in one of our new specialty classes to help you in an area you might be unhappy with your dog’s performance,  or want to try something new with your pup… we’ve got you covered!

Manners Program Redesigned!

The biggest change here at Superior Dog Training, now underway, is our new “Life Skills” Dog Training program. We decided to redesign our old Manners program to better prepare dogs and their people for living together in real-world situations.

So we  started from the ground up, creating great new modules like “Movie Night” and “Walk in the Park” where we recreate experiences you’ll face everyday here in the classroom and teach you how to help your dog understand what’s expected. 

Want to learn more about the new program? Click here

Upcoming Workshops

We’ve got a number of exciting new workshops right around the corner…

Massage for Anxious Dogs | August 24th, 2014
Have an anxious dog and interested in learning canine massage techniques that might help? Then this seminar is for you! This seminar will be given by local canine massage expert from Serenity Pet Massage and will give you skills you can use to help soothe your anxious dog during stressful situations.

This workshop is “people only”—dogs will be provided to demonstrate techniques and to allow you to practice.
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Flyball Seminar | September 7th, 2014

Have you heard of Fly Ball?  Ever wonder what it’s all about?  Come out and see! Amanda Brown with Dog Gone Fast will be coming out to give a Fly Ball workshop. Come out and learn what it is and how to do it; you can even give it a try!
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The Future of Freestyle | October 17-19th, 2014
We are excited to announce Judy Gamet will be coming to Superior Dog Training, Inc in Cary, NC to do 3 workshops as well as a few private lessons.

Judy comes to us from Calif. with a BS in dance education.  Owning Rottweilers, she decided to also delve into dog obedience and various dog sports!  After a tragic auto accident, Bella came into her life and the rehabilitation of both Judy and Bella began, thus was born Dogs can dance.
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Upcoming Specialty Classes

NEW! Canine Good Citizen | Thurs. 6pm
4-Week class beginning first Thurs. of each month

Interested in earning your Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title but a bit rusty on the skills or don’t feel entirely ready to take the test? This class consists of short, 30-minute sessions that review the skills you need for the CGC test and give you a chance to practice any your dog might have trouble with; then, on week 4, you’ll take the CGC test in class.
Drop ins for test only are also available. 

NEW! Community Canine | Sat. 10am 
6-Week class held in a new location each week. Class begins Sept. 27th. 
Community Canine is the Advanced level of AKC’s Canine Good Citizen certification, focused on taking CGC skills outside of the classroom and into the community. This class is a full hour each week, practicing the skills you’ll need to earn your CGCA title with the test given in-class on the 6th week.
Drop ins for test only are also available. 

NEW! Loose Leash Walking | Sun. 1:30pm
6-Week class beginning Sept. 28th
Do you sometimes wonder if you’re walking your dog or if your dog is walking you? Does your dog sometimes stop, sit, and refuse to move? In this class we’ll work on building proper leash-walking behavior, teaching your dog where to be and what to do on walks.

Reliable Recall | Sun. 3:00pm
6-week class beginning Sept. 28th
In this 6-week class we start with a basic recall and then add distractions to help proof the command so you can feel confident that your dog will come in any situation.

New Classes on the Schedule!

NEW Puppy Parties | Tues. 3:00pm 
In addition to our Wednesday evening and Saturday morning puppy parties, we will now offer puppy parties on Tuesday afternoons at 3:00. 

NEW Puppy 101 | Tues. 3:30pm
After the new puppy parties on Tuesday at 3:00, we also now offer a Tuesday afternoon Puppy 101 class, starting at 3:30. 

NEW Life Skills I & II | Fri. 1:00pm
Our new Life Skills program includes a NEW day and time—join us for our new class time on Fridays at 1pm.

Canine Good Citizen Class | Thurs. 6:00
A new 4-week program to help dogs with basic manners practice the skills they need to pass the Canine Good Citizens (CGC) test. The CGC test will be given on the final Thurs. of each month. Classes will run 30 mins.

Competitive Obedience | Wed. 3:45pm 
Building stronger partnerships with your dog through fun and games while working on the necessary skills and precision for the competition ring. All aspects for competing in these classes will be covered in a fun and motivating atmosphere for both dog and handler.

Rally Class | Wed. 5pm
Using the official AKC, APDT, UKC and CHU rally signs, you and your dog will learn all you need to know to compete in all levels of Rally. Small class size of 5 dogs allows for lots of personalized instruction and individual attention!

Drop In Obedience/Rally Run Throughs | 2nd Thursday, 7:45pm
A little extra ring practice goes a long way. Bring your dog in now and start preparing for those Novice, Open & Utility trials! 

Conformation Handling Class | 1st  Thursdays 7:30pm
Whether you are a beginner handler with a new puppy or an experienced handler with an experienced dog, drop in and work on your skills in a ring atmosphere. Stacking, handling, gaiting and more.

Interested in one or more of our new classes? Click here to see our full schedule!