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How We Train at Superior Dog Training

Our Dog Training Philosophy

At Superior, we emphasize the importance of the human-canine bond and believe that the strongest relationships can only be achieved when dogs feel safe and have fun with their owners. We are committed to teaching our clients how to effectively use fun and force-free training methods and activities to create those relationships. Our trainers are also committed to learning new things and strive to stay current on the latest and most innovative training methods out there.

We also understand that each dog is an individual. Our goal is to discover the most effective approach for each dog and provide our clients with training plans that are tailored to their dogs’ personalities and interests. We strive to have each owner acquire the knowledge and skills they need to create a canine companion who is happy and well-behaved.

About Modular Dog Training Classes

Here are Superior Dog Training we offer a modular training program for our Puppy 101 and Life Skills programs.  Modular classes are a new concept in the dog training world, which are rapidly gaining in popularity because they are designed to allow you maximum flexibility in meeting your training goals.  At Superior, we believe our clients deserve the best, which is why all of our Life Skills & Puppy classes are now modular.

Here’s how it works:

Puppy and Life Skills.  (For information on our Sports program, click here.)  You choose your class and purchase a 6 week pass to the appropriate training program (Puppy is for dogs younger than 5 months; Life Skills is for dogs 5 months and older or those who have completed the puppy program).

Each training program is organized into modules, or themes.  Each module consists of specific skills, which are taught at four different levels of difficulty; when you attend a class, you work on the skills assigned to that module, but at your own level.

Various classes for each training program are offered throughout the week with different modules.  Modules are staggered across classes so that on any given week there are multiple modules within that training program to choose from. When you purchase your membership, you’ll reserve space in one class per week.  If you need to miss a class you can look at the calendar and find when that module is being offered and make up your class at that time ( you must request this 24 hours in advance and a confirmation will be sent).

Sound confusing?  Let’s walk through an example:

jack russell terrierJane and her dog Spot are looking to learn some manners (okay, okay, Jane is looking for SPOT to learn some manners!) so she purchases a membership to the Life Skills training program.

Spot isn’t a total newbie; he knows some of his basics, like Sit and Come (when she has a cookie!), but she wants him to be pretty well behaved around the house, so she chooses to sign up for both Life Skills I & II.  Jane decides that Wednesdays at 6:30 work best for her, so a spot is reserved for her in that class for the next 12 weeks.

Jane and Spot attend class for a few weeks, and work on the skills in the Living Together, Out to Lunch, and Movie Night modules.

Then Jane realizes that next week she’s got a late meeting at work and won’t be able to make class.  So, she checks out the online calendar and sees that the scheduled module for next week is Walk in the Park.  She doesn’t want to miss that module, so she reserves a spot in the Saturday 11:30 class instead, which is also offering the Walk in the Park module.

Jane and Spot have so much fun training that their 12-week membership flies by.  At the end, Jane decides that Spot is well-behaved enough to take the Canine Good Citizen class. Once he passes that, she’ll check out the Sports and Fun program so they can try a mix it up class (or Treibball or Rally or…???)

The End.

Questions?  Check out our FAQs page or contact us!