Will People Ever Be Able to Go Back in Time?

Someday or the other you must have imagined how good it be if you could travel back in time. There are several movies also which showed various techniques, equipment, and even a time-machine which takes people back in time, but we all know it is hypothetical as of now. Movies sometimes show so realistically that can make you imagine whether time travel is possible or not.

Albert Einstein, one of the renowned scientistsof the 20th century proposed a theory of relativity which is having a theory that time travel will be possible in upcoming years. From the theory of relativity, it is predicted that by the year 2020 it might be possible to have time travel to future but not to past. But when seen in general, it still seems like a dream that people be able to go back in time.

The theory of relativity also states that space and time are almost the same things, and light always travels to the speed limit through empty space which is 3,00,000 kilometers per second. So, if any individual manages to travel with the same speed in space, time travel is possible, but sadly with this theory, one can only travel to the future and not to the past.

So, only from the above brief discussion, the conclusion which can be reached is, traveling in time is possible not now but somewhat in the future. If the theory of relativity is used optimally by the researchers and scientists, one can do time travel but sadly they can travel to the future but not to the past.