What color trend will be in 2019?

Every year it is noticed that one amongst all the color attracts a lot of people. Everything around is can be seen only in that color. From clothes to accessories to bags to what not, everything has an impact of that particular color on it. The color for 2018 was blue. Isn’t it?

Well, by the time 2018 took a leave, it gave rise to another color trend that is flourishing in 2019, the color is orange. The orange color is getting a lot of popularity in 2019. The idea of moving to a more vibrant color than blue started by the end of 2018, and by the time 2019 came along orange had taken over blue.

Now in 2019, orange is seen everywhere. From the streets to the malls, the orange color has taken over the fashion world. Though orange was neglected for a very long time, it has now begun to gain popularity amidst the youth. People have become more accepting of orange in 2019. Orange is ruling the fashion world with an idea of taking it all. The ramps and celebrity wardrobe both have an influence of orange on them.

Not only fashion, but orange has also gained popularity in the interior designing industry. It is chosen by a number of interior designers in their projects to add a pop of color. Because of its qualities of catching eyes, it acts as a focal point in most homes. Offices also tend to improvise on their taste of space by adding hints of orange to restrict them from being boring.