What Are The Drafting Options For Fantasy Sports?

When online fantasy sports is considered, drafting becomes an important part and hence below are some drafting types that you want to know about.

Live standard draft

This type of drafting is available in all the league types. This type of drafting takes place when the managers of the game take a turn to draft players till all the spots of the roster don’t get full.

Live auction drafting

As the name suggests this type of drafting involves auction of the players. This type of drafting is also available in most of the leagues and for most of the applications. In this drafting, the managers of the game take turn for nominating players and all the managers then make a bid for the mentioned nominated player using the amount of budget that they have. The manager who has made the highest bid wins and hence gets the player.

The auto-pick drafting

This type of drafting isn’t available in all the leagues that are present and is confined to only public and private leagues. This draft is automated and drafts each and every team on the basis of the draft that took place before or on the basis of the default system rankings.

The offline mode of drafting

This method of drafting is confined to only private leagues and hence isn’t available in all the leagues. The conduct of your league is as you want to set it and hence the results are declared when the information is entered in the system.