Know About Huile de Chauffage Montréal, The Fuel For Heat

Heating oil, or as know in French, Huile de Chauffage Montréal is a liquid petroleum product used as fuel oil in burners and furnaces in Montreal, Canada and all over the world. This oil contains a mix of petroleum-derived hydrocarbons and can be condensed at a lower temperature to be used like petroleum jelly (Vaseline), candle wax or bitumen.

Heating oil has been vastly used throughout the countries of the United States and Canada. Unlike most other petroleum products, the sale of heating oil is done through household businesses that can easily reach out to consumers.

Ban on Heating Oil

Montreal is the second-largest city in Canada with a large population of about 3.5 million residents. The mayor of Montreal announced in May 2019 that there will be a ban on the production of, Huile de Chauffage Montréal due to the harmful greenhouse emissions caused by these furnaces. Despite this, about six percent of households in Canada continue using heating oil.

Types of heating oil

There are several types of heating oil used.

1 Gas Oil:

The most common name for this type is Red diesel or 35-second oil. This name comes from the process of distillation of this oil. It is commonly used in the agricultural and commercial industries. Gas oil tends to be cheaper than road diesel as it is a rebated fuel.

2 Kerosene:

Kerosene is called the 28-second fuel and is used at home for general heating purposes.  Kerosene is considerably lighter than the previously mentioned gas oil and is used at home.

3 Kleenburn Kerosene:

This oil gets its name due to its unique property of being comparatively cleaner when burning and less polluting than standard Kerosene. Although its price is higher than the others, it is environment-friendly which helps larger companies which aim at keeping their emissions at a lower level.

4 Furnace Fuel:

Furnace fuel is generally by municipal buildings like colleges and schools. Hence, it is a vastly used Huile de Chauffage Montréal. It is used in commercial boiler and furnaces all over the world.

Demand for Heating Oil

Heating oil has a largely seasonal demand. For this type of oil, the demand is largely rom Northeast region of the United States. Yukon, NWT and Nunavut are the areas in Canada in which the demand is the highest due to the sparse population and extreme cold temperatures.

Despite the bans and low access to heating oil, the demand seems to be stable. This is because heating oil is an indispensable petroleum product for those who live in colder regions and require a simple and cheap fuel to keep up with their heating needs.