Everything one should know about Herbivorous Edibles

Herbivorous Edibles are a cannabis producer that delivers delicious infused edibles. It is Canada based Vancouver edibles. High-quality food products are made by them which do not contain any harsh cannabis flavor. They have a wide variety of edibles that contains a bit of love for all the people.

Different kinds of food products they make

  • Candy– There are different kinds of candies that they make. They are of different flavors i.e. watermelon gummy sour cola flavor etc. They are loved by all.
  • Pastries– The pastries made by them contain extra special ingredients that are sweet and delightful. They have different kinds of pastries like treat cream, berry log which is coconut infused sponge cake, swift rolls which is chocolate rolled cake having chocolate filling inside, Nutri green which is most suitable for the morning breakfast as it contains wheat grains an also dingdong which is a chocolate cupcake with a cream filling inside.
  • Chocolate– Chocolates are loved by everyone. And herbivorous edibles taking care of everyone’s taste has introduced five different flavors like chocolate cream and caramel infused ponder bar, Swix which is a candy bar with chocolate crunchy cookie, sneakers which is a kind of caramel nougat, racers which is a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter in it and lastly the tasty Herbie which is an infusion of not only chocolate but fudge cream peanuts etc.
  • Syrups– The syrups by Herbivorous Edibles are one of the best and crazy syrups and tinctures that are introduced. They are regarded as one of the finest distillates in the world. They not only expertise in making chocolate syrups but also maple syrups, infused honey syrups and even cannabis tinctures which have already made a place in the hearts of all.
  • Cotton Candy– Apart from the normal candies, they also introduced the fluffy candies which are termed as cotton candies. They are having two different flavors i.e. Blue Raspberry and Strawberry. These candies are not only loved by people but it makes happy as it acts as a good refresher.
  • Popsicles– These have always been a childhood treat and the sweetness of childhood is also kept intact by introducing the same. They are available in different flavors such as blueberry, grape, cream soda and even cherry.
  • Dog Treats– Last but not the least comes the dogs treat which is made for puppies. All puppies deserve to have good health and a long life. But the taste is everything that matters for the dogs. That is the reason why this item is introduced as it not only focuses on the health of the puppies but also the taste that they will prefer.

To conclude, if one is looking for Canada’s best as well as a favourite edible brand then Herbivorous edibles are the right choice to make. Moreover, their main motive is to spread happiness therefore, they focus on all the different flavors that people love. The belief of herbivorous edibles is to enjoy happiness but with a great taste.